Tech Page

We service most makes and models of electronic not exceeding 15 years of age.
We service Television (LCD, LED, Plasma, Projection, Cathode Ray)
We service stereo equipment (Receivers, Tape Decks, DVD and CD player, Sub Woofer)
We service computer (Tower, Desktop, Monitors, External Drives, Printers, Scanners)
We service Micro Wave Oven (Over the Range, Counter top, Convection)
We service Car Audio (Radios and Amplifiers)

These are the most common products we service, but not limited to.

If your product is over 15 years old, we highly advice that you replace a new or newer product.
Lamps available for DLP and LCD projection TV's.  Call for pricing and avilability.

Accessories available for many makes and models.  Orders can be placed over the phone.

We carry many types of cords including AC, audio/video, HDMI.

In home service available for models too large or heavy to bring in.  We do repair in the home.  No need for pickup and delivery.

If your product is dead or has malfunctioned, sometimes simply unplugging the AC connection for a few minutes resets the product and may resolve the issue.

Some products can show signs that something is fixing to quit.  Symptoms can include slow to come on, constant clicking noises, flickering in the display, humming through the speakers.  If the problems become apparent it is advisable that you have your product evaluated.  Sometimes this might prevent further damage and keep repair cost to a minimum.

Some common issues on the market are:
White dots on DLP type televsion.
Constant clicking on LCD television.
HDMI ports no longer function
Color separation on Projection TV
Loud humming from back on DLP television

SE Error code on Micro Wave display
Door wont close properly on Micro Wave
Wont cook but Cavity light comes on Micro Wave
Used items are sometimes available for purchase.  Check us out on Face Book for current sales.

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